This part serves as a path way for the electricity that flows through from the car battery into the spark plugs, making it a very important component of your Dodge W300's ignition. It's highly possible for your vehicle engine to sputters or to emit black exhaust gas if the Dodge W300 ignition coil is starting to malfunction.

Each time you switch on the car engine, electricity goes through the coil, exposing it to electricity on almost a daily basis, so this is why this part has to be built from a tough material. A variety of signs will start to show when your car's ignition wire malfunctions, such as decline in mileage, a car engine that sputters, and a car exhaust that backfires. The multimeter is a very helpful gadget when you're trying to check if the coil is still working. The multi-meter is also known as a multitester, and is mainly used to test various contraptions that use electricity. You'll definitely know that there's something wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multitester results display a measurement that is not within the normal range.

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