Your vehicle's ignition coil is is built for transferring power coming from the car batt into the plugs so as to jumpstart the engine. You'll definitely have to deal with various car trouble if your Dodge W200 ignition coil fails.

Everytime you turn on the car engine, electricity flows through the ignition wire, exposing it to electricity regularly, so this is why this component has to be manufactured from a sturdy material. As time goes by however, it will fail and your car will start to display tell-tale signs; sputtering engine, backfiring, engine start up problems, declining gas mileage, and misfiring especially when you're going fast are likely to happen if the wire begins to break down. To determine if the ignition wire is in need of a replacement, test it with a multimeter to see if enough amount of electricity goes through this part. The multi-meter is also referred to as a multitester, and is mainly used to test a variety of mechanisms that make use of electricity. Take a really good look at the results; if the results is beyond the normal range as indicated on the multi-tester's scale, then you'll need to replace your ride's ignition wires.

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