In order to start your Dodge Spirit's engine, it has to have an ignition coil, a wire that routes current from the main source (battery) into the spark plugs. You'll definitely experience a lot car problems if your Dodge Spirit ignition coil fails.

Everytime you start the car engine, electricity goes through the ignition coil, exposing it to electricity on a regular basis, so this is why this auto part has to be built from a tough material. A variety of tell-tale signs will start to show if your auto's ignition wire fails, including poor fuel economy, an engine that misfires and stalls, and a car exhaust that backfires. The multitester is a very useful gadget when you're trying to see if the ignition coil for your Dodge Spirit is still working. This gadget, also referred to as a multitester, is basically used to measure resistance, electric current, and voltage. If the testing results displayed go beyond the usual range, then this probably means your Dodge Spirit coils are definitely in dire need of a replacement.

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