Faster ignition is possible if you outfit your ride with a top quality Dodge Magnum ignition coil which is proficient at delivering quality sparks into the cylinders. This ignition component accomplishes its task proficiently with the help of two circles of wire in it which is called primary and secondary windings.

Since they handle heat coming from the flow of current, ignition coils are equipped with oil to help keep them at the correct temperature. After being used in your automobile for many of years, this coil will definitely end up faulty and could fall short in providing your engine with those sparks it calls for to startup your vehicle and this can cause issues like issues in starting, engine missing, and also stalling once the engine arrived at its working temperature. If such signs and symptoms are evident, check the ignition coil in your Dodge Magnum immediately and if it's really the culprit, don't hesitate in getting it substituted.

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