This component acts as a path way for the electricity that travels from the battery into the plugs, making it a crucial component of your Dodge M300's engine ignition system. It's possible for your automobile engine to actually stall or to release black exhaust gas if the Dodge M300 ignition coil is starting to break down.

Manufactured to deal with loads of electricity, this auto part is built of a sturdy material. A series of symptoms will start to show if your Dodge M300's ignition coil breaks down, such as decline in mileage, an engine that misfires and stalls, and an exhaust system that back fires. To know if the ignition wire is in need of a replacement, test it with a multimeter to verify if the right amount of current travels through this part. The multi-meter is also known as a multitester, and is basically used to test various mechanisms that use electricity. If the testing results indicated are not within the usual range, then this probably means your Dodge M300's ignition coils are absolutely in dire need of a replacement.

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