In order to start the engine, it has to have an ignition coil, a coil that transfers current from the battery into the ignition plugs. You will experience a variety of issues when your Dodge Daytona ignition coil malfunctions.

Each time you switch on the car engine, electricity flows through the coil, exposing it to electricity regularly, so that's why this part has to be manufactured from a high-grade material. Over time however, it'll fail and your car will begin to exhibit signs; engine stalling, an exhaust that backfires, engine start up problems, declining gas mileage, and misfiring especially when you're driving fast are likely to happen if the coil begins to break down. The only sure way to know if the ignition coil for your Dodge Daytona is what's causing these problems is to test it with a multitester. The multi-meter is also called a multitester, and is widely used to test a variety of mechanisms that make use of electricity. Take a really good look at the results; if they exceed the regular range based on the multitester's scale, then you really need to replace your ride's ignition wires.

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