In order to start the engine, it has to have an ignition coil, a special wire that transfers electricity from the battery into the ignition plugs. It is possible for your automobile engine to sputters or to emit black exhaust gas when the Dodge Dakota ignition coil is starting to fail.

This part is built to endure lots of exposure to electricity. A variety of tell-tale signs will show if your car's ignition coil fails, such as poor fuel economy, an auto engine that sputters, and an exhaust system that backfires. The multitester is a highly useful tool when trying to check if the ignition coil for your Dodge Dakota is still working. Built to measure the amount of voltage, electricity, and resistance, a multi-meter is a device you need when dealing with electrical trouble with your ride. Take a good look at the results; if the results go beyond the usual range based on the multi-tester's scale, then you'll have to change your car's ignition wires.

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