A Dodge D300's combustion engine actually uses a lot of electricity just to burn the gas plus air mix within. A key piece in that system is the ignition coil which amplifies the voltage available from your vehicle electric battery by thousands which will be needed to combust your fuel. The Dodge D300 ignition coil is certainly a durable component designed to manage large quantities of electric power however, it's continues to be a mechanical product that is affected by normal corrosion over time.

One could examine your Dodge D300's ignition coil easily since most of those are seen on top of the spark plug or even the engine. Any Dodge D300's broken ignition coil must be changed as soon as possible since it can lead to awful mileage and even long term damage to more components in the automobile. It is tough for newbies on the way to narrow down start up problems towards a certain piece in the system and it could be better to consult an auto mechanic instead.

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