To start your Dodge Coronet's engine, it requires an ignition coil, a wire that transfers electricity from the battery into the ignition plugs. If your Dodge Coronet ignition coil malfunctions, you'll have to deal with lots of possible problems, ranging from stalling engine to black exhaust gas.

Manufactured to handle regular exposure to electricity, the ignition coil is made of a durable material. As time goes by however, it'll wear out and your car will actually start to exhibit symptoms; sputtering engine, backfiring, engine start up problems, declining gas mileage, and misfiring especially when you're driving fast are unavoidable once the coil is starting to fail. The multimeter is a highly useful device when you're trying to verify if the ignition coil for your Dodge Coronet is still working. This gadget, also referred to as a multitester, is mainly used to measure resistance, electric current, and voltage. You'll know that something is wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multimeter results indicate a measurement that's not within the usual range.

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