For your automobile to start up well and take you to your destination whenever you wish to, the engine needs healthy sparks that only top quality Dodge B250 ignition coil can offer. The said ignition part does its job effectively by using the rings of wire in it which is called primary and secondary windings.

The current flow creates heat that ignition coils need to withstand, that's why they are usually stuffed with oil, which keeps them cool. Irrespective of how hard-wearing they are, these coils will ultimately get damaged after many years in service and once this happens, they sure will lose their capability to efficiently supply good spark towards the engine, therefore leading to engine missing and also stalling after it's warmed up to its operating temperature, along with difficulty in starting your engine. When you suspect that ignition coil on your Dodge B250 to be the reason for such complication, you better identify it first before you replace it.

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