To start your Chrysler Lhs's engine, it has to have an ignition coil, a special wire that transfers electric current from the car battery into the plugs. It is possible for your car engine to sputters or to produce black exhaust gas once the Chrysler Lhs ignition coil begins to break down.

This part is made to endure lots of exposure to electric current. Through time however, it will wear out and your Chrysler Lhs will begin to exhibit signs; stalling engine, an exhaust that backfires, engine start up problems, poor gas mileage, and misfiring cylinders especially when speeding up are quite common when the coil starts to break down. The multitester is definitely a useful device when trying to check if the ignition wire is still working. The multi-meter is also called a multitester, and is basically used to test various contraptions that use electricity. You will know that something is wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multi-tester results indicate a measurement that's not within the usual range.

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