Quicker ignition is achievable if you equip your automobile with a quality Chrysler ignition coil which is capable enough of transmitting good sparks into the cylinders. Such coil can create the electricity required by the engine, thanks to the sets of windings making it up.

The current flow generates heat that ignition coils ought to resist, that's the reason they're usually stuffed with oil, which makes them cool. No matter how hard-wearing they may be, such coils will finally get damaged after many years in service and when it happens, they definitely will lose their capacity to proficiently deliver quality spark towards the engine, therefore resulting in engine missing and stalling right after it has warmed up to its operating temperature, along with difficulty in starting the engine. If you suspect the ignition coil in your Chrysler to be the reason for this issue, you should diagnose it first prior to choosing to replace it.

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