This part serves as a path way for the electricity that flows from the car battery into the ignition plugs, making it a crucial component of your Chevrolet Tracker's ignition. If your Chevrolet Tracker ignition coil stops working, you're going to have to deal with lots of possible car trouble, ranging from an engine that stalls to black exhaust gas.

Manufactured to handle regular exposure to electricity, this auto part is composed of a durable material. Over time however, this part will wear down and your car will begin to show tell-tale signs; stalling engine, an exhaust that backfires, engine start up problems, poor gas mileage, and misfiring cylinders especially if you're driving fast are quite common if the wire begins to malfunction. Your multimeter is a very helpful gadget when trying to verify if the ignition wire is still in good working condition. Built to determine the amount of voltage, electric current, and resistance, a multi-meter is what you need when dealing with electrical issues with your car. You'll know that something's really wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multimeter results indicate a measurement that is not within the normal range.

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