To be able to start the car engine, it requires an ignition coil, a special wire that routes current from the main source (battery) into the spark plugs. If your Chevrolet P30 ignition coil stops working, you will have to deal with plenty of possible car trouble, ranging from engine stalling to black exhaust gas.

Built to handle loads of electricity, this auto part is built of a sturdy material. As time goes by however, it'll wear out and your car will start to exhibit signs; engine stalling, a backfiring exhaust, engine start up problems, declining gas mileage, and misfires especially when you're going fast are quite common once the wire starts to break down. The multimeter is definitely a practical gadget when trying to verify if the ignition wire is still in top working condition. Made to measure voltage, current, and resistance, a multimeter is the device you need when tackling electrical trouble with your car. If the testing results shown go beyond the usual range, then this means your Chevrolet P30's ignition coils are definitely in urgent need of a replacement.

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