The ignition coil mainly serves as a path way for the electricity that flows through from the main source into the ignition plugs, making it a crucial part of your Chevrolet Avalanche's ignition system. You'll encounter a variety of issues once your Chevrolet Avalanche ignition coil fails.

Every time you turn on the car engine, electricity flows through the coil, exposing it to electricity regularly, so this is why this part has to be manufactured from a high-grade material. Your auto's ignition wire is manufactured to tough it out but using it regularly will certainly wear it out, and signs like difficulty in getting the engine started, stalling engine, poor fuel mileage, a misfiring engine, and a backfiring exhaust will sooner or later point out to a broken ignition wire. The only definitive way to figure out if the ignition wire for your car is to be blamed for all these problems is to use a multi-meter. Manufactured to determine the amount of voltage, current, and resistance, a multitester is the device you need when tackling electrical trouble with your ride. If the results indicated are not within the regular range, then this means your Chevrolet Avalanche's ignition coils are absolutely in urgent need of a replacement.

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