For your ride to start well and bring you to places at any time you need to, the engine requires good sparks that only a top quality Cadillac Sts ignition coil can supply. The said coil is able to create the electricity needed by the engine, thanks to both sets of windings making it up.

Because they deal with heat coming from the flow of current, automotive ignition coils are equipped with oil to keep them in the correct temperature. No matter how sturdy they are, such coils will finally become defective after years in service and once it happens, they definitely will lose their ability to effectively offer healthy spark towards the engine, therefore leading to engine missing and stalling soon after it has warmed up to its working temparature, and difficulty to start the engine. When such signs are apparent, examine the ignition coil in your Cadillac Sts right away and if this is actually the reason, don't ever think twice in getting it replaced.

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