This part serves as a path way for the electric current that flows from the car battery into the spark plugs, making it a very important component of your Bmw M5's ignition system. It's highly possible for your car engine to actually stall or to release black exhaust gas when the Bmw M5 ignition coil starts to fail.

Manufactured to handle loads of electricity, this auto part is composed of a sturdy material. Your auto's ignition coil is manufactured to tough it out but regular use will definitely take its toll, and tell-tale signs such as difficulty in getting the engine started, stalling engine, a decrease in fuel mileage, engine misfire, and back firing exhaust will eventually point out to a broken ignition coil. The only surefire way to determine if the ignition wire for your car is the culprit behind all these trouble is to use a multitester. Built to measure voltage, electric current, and resistance, a multimeter is the device you need when tackling electrical issues with your car. You'll definitely know that something's really wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multitester results show a measurement that is not within the regular range.

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