In order to start the engine, it has to have an ignition coil, a wire that ensures a safe transfer of electric current from the battery into the ignition plugs. You will experience a lot car problems once your Bmw 550i ignition coil fails.

Every time you switch on the car engine, electricity travels through the coil, exposing it to electricity on almost a daily basis, so this is why this auto part has to be made from a high-grade material. As time goes by however, it'll wear out and your auto will begin to display tell-tale signs; engine stalling, a backfiring exhaust, engine start up failure, declining gas mileage, and misfires especially if you're speeding up are quite common if the ignition wire begins to fail. To determine if the ignition wire is in urgent need of a replacement, use a multimeter to see if the right amount of electricity flows through this component. The multimeter is also referred to as a multitester, and is widely used to test an assortment of mechanisms that use electricity. If the testing results shown aren't within the usual range, then this probably means your Bmw 550i's ignition wires are absolutely in dire need of a replacement.

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