Your car's ignition coil is responsible for transmitting power produced by the battery into the plugs so as to jumpstart the engine. It's highly possible for your car engine to sputters or to release black exhaust gas when the Bmw 530i ignition coil begins to fail.

This part is manufactured to endure daily exposure to electric current. Your Bmw 530i's ignition wire is manufactured to tough it out but daily use will certainly take its toll, and symptoms like difficulty in jumpstarting the engine, stalling, a decrease in gas mileage, a misfiring engine, and a backfiring exhaust will most likely point out to a busted ignition wire. The multi-meter is definitely a helpful tool when you're trying to check if the coil is still in top working condition. The multi-meter is also known as a multitester, and is widely used to test an assortment of mechanisms that use electricity. Look at the results; if the results go beyond the regular range as indicated on the multitester's scale, then you really need to replace your car's ignition wires.

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