Your car's ignition coil is the one that's responsible for relaying power from the battery into the spark plugs to be able to start the engine. You will have to deal with various issues if your Bmw 320i ignition coil fails.

The ignition coil is manufactured to endure daily exposure to electric current. Your Bmw 320i's coil is built to tough it out but using it regularly will definitely take its toll, and symptoms such as difficulty in getting the engine started, engine stalling, a decrease in fuel mileage, misfiring, and back-firing exhaust will sooner or later point out to a worn out coil. To figure out if the ignition coil for your Bmw 320i is in urgent need of a replacement, use a multimeter to verify if the proper amount of current goes through it. This device, also referred to as a multitester, is basically used to determine the amount of resistance, electric current, and voltage. Take a look at the results; if they exceed the regular range as indicated on the multitester's scale, then you'll have to fix or replace your car's ignition wires.

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