For your automobile to efficiently start and bring you to your destination whenever you need to, its engine wants good sparks that only a top quality Audi S5 ignition coil can supply. This coil has the capacity to create the electricity needed by the engine, many thanks to the sets of windings comprising it.

The flow of electricity creates heat that those iginiton coils need to endure, that explains why they normally are stuffed with oil, which helps make them cool. Regardless of how durable they are, such coils will ultimately get damaged after many years in service and when it happens, they certainly will lose their ability to proficiently offer good spark towards the engine, hence leading to engine missing and stalling after it has heated up to its working temparature, and difficulty to start the engine. If you suspect that ignition coil on your Audi S5 to be the source of such complication, you better identify it first prior to choosing to replace it.

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