In order to start the car engine, it requires an ignition coil, a wire that transfers electric current from the car battery into the plugs. If your Acura Nsx ignition coil fails, you will have to deal with plenty of possible issues, ranging from stalling engine to black exhaust gas.

This component is built to resist daily exposure to electricity. Your auto's ignition wire is manufactured to tough it out but regular use will wear it out, and signs such as difficulty in jumpstarting the engine, engine stalling, a decrease in mileage, engine misfire, and back-firing exhaust will sooner or later point out to a busted ignition coil. A multimeter is a very practical device when you're trying to verify if the coil is still working. The multi-meter is also known as a multitester, and is widely used to test a variety of devices that make use of electricity. If the results shown aren't within the usual range, then it means your Acura Nsx coils are absolutely in dire need of a replacement.

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