The idler arm of your Toyota works hand-in-hand with the pitman arm for connecting the steering box to the hub assemblies and center links to make sure that the wheels would easily turn if you direct the automobile. Due to a faulty Toyota idler arm, it's more challenging to maneuver the automobile, causing poor handling. Might as well inspect the hardware and/or the steering links to look for any sign of deterioration.

As the idler arm of your Toyota is composed of a rod that pivots, this arm likely to wear out compared to several other steering components. You'll definitely know that the Toyota idler arm ought to be replaced if your vehicle swerves to the left or right, as it goes over a hump. Bad steering and front-end quiver may be blamed on a busted idler arm. In case you're fixing a broken pitman arm, it's highly advised that you fix this steering link as well for superb steering and control.

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