The idler arm of your Pontiac partners with the pitman arm for linking the steering box to the steering links, making sure that the wheels can properly move if you maneuver the automobile. If you go through poor steering results and loss of control over your vehicle, you may have to replace the Pontiac idler arm. Might as well test the bushings and/or the steering linkage to check for tell-tale signs of wear and tear.

Because the idler arm of your Pontiac has a rod that turns, it's prone to get ruined than other steering linkage. A broken Pontiac idler arm will make your automobile swerve extensively to the side whenever you come across a bump. A damaged idler arm can bring about front-end shimmies and terrible control. For good measure, you'll have to change this steering component of your Pontiac if replacing a worn pitman arm to guarantee smooth steering and control.

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