Are you having problems with your Nissan's steering system? Then you should check your Nissan idler arm. This metal rod provides pivot support for your steering linkage. On one end, it's attached to the vehicle frame; on another end, it supports a ball joint. If the idler arm is poorly greased, it will quickly deteriorate.

If you have a deteriorated idler arm, you have to get it replaced immediately. With the help of Parts Train, you can get a brand-new Nissan idler arm at an affordable price. The idler arm assembly is composed of a rod, bracket, and support accessories. Each of these components is made from tough base materials to guarantee extended years of service. The idler arm is heavily greased to promote seamless steering transmissions. Also, it's made according to OEM specifications so you no longer have to worry about fitment. This part is cut and sized to fit specific Nissan models to allow for easy installation.

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