The idler arm of your Mitsubishi partners with the pitman arm for linking the steering box to the center link and hub assemblies, making sure that the wheels would properly shift once you drive the motor vehicle. Because of a worn Mitsubishi idler arm, it's more difficult to steer the car, resulting in poor handling. Might as well inspect the bushings and/or the steering links to check for any sign of wear and tear.

As the idler arm of your Mitsubishi consists of a rod that pivots, this arm likely to come apart than other steering linkage. A ruined Mitsubishi idler arm would make your ride lean extensively to the left or right once you come across a bump. Hard steering and front-end jerk could be attributed to a worn idler arm. In case you're fixing a busted pitman arm, it's recommended that you fix this steering link as well, so you'll be assured of improved control and steering.

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