The idler arm of your Mercedes Benz is in tandem with the pitman arm for connecting the steering box to the hub assemblies and center links, making sure that the wheels can properly turn when you direct the motor vehicle. Once you notice poor steering results and minimized control over your motor vehicle, you would need to fix the Mercedes Benz idler arm. Might as well take a good look at the bearings and/or the steering attachments to look for symptoms of deterioration.

The idler arm of your Mercedes Benz has a higher tendency to get damaged compared to the pitman arm and other steering parts because of the pivot from its rod. A busted Mercedes Benz idler arm will make your motor vehicle sway too much to the right or left in case you come across a knob on the road. A weak idler arm would lead to front-end wobbles and hard steering response. For you own convenience, you'll have to change this arm of your Mercedes Benz if fixing a torn pitman arm to ensure smooth steering and control.

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