The idler arm of your Lincoln is in tandem with the pitman arm when it comes to connecting the steering box to the hub assemblies and center links, making sure that the wheels would easily shift once you steer the ride. When you experience terrible steering reaction and lack of control over your car, you may have to replace the Lincoln idler arm. Remember to inspect the bushings or the steering linkage to spot any sign of damage.

The idler arm of your Lincoln is more prone to break compared to the pitman arm or other steering links, considering the the pivotal action from this steering component‘s rod. A damaged Lincoln idler arm will make your motor vehicle sway roughly to the left or right once you come across a hump. Bad steering and front-end jerk might be attributed to a faulty idler arm. For your safety, you'd better replace this steering part of your Lincoln in case you're replacing a worn pitman arm to ensure superior steering and control.

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