The idler arm of your Kia works together with the pitman arm when it comes to linking the steering box to the steering links to make sure that the wheels can easily move when you steer the motor vehicle. With a worn Kia idler arm, it's definitely more challenging to maneuver the motor vehicle, leading to terrible handling. Remember to take a good look at the bearings or the steering links to look for tell-tale signs of damage.

The idler arm of your Kia has a higher tendency to wear out than the pitman arm and several other steering connections because of the rotation from the arm's rod. A busted Kia idler arm will make your automobile lean extensively to the right or left when you come across a hump. Sloppy steering and front-end wobble can be blamed on a busted idler arm. For your peace of mind, you'd better remove and replace this steering component of your Kia in case you're repairing a damaged pitman arm for better handling.

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