The idler arm of your Hummer is a partner of the pitman arm when it comes to always keeping the steering box securely linked to the center link and hub assemblies. Once you experience terrible steering reaction and lack of control over your vehicle, you may have to fix the Hummer idler arm. Take a look at the steering links of your motor vehicle and see if the hardware pieces are torn or if the arm needs to be greased up.

The idler arm of your Hummer will more likely break compared to the pitman arm or other steering connections, considering the the pivot from the arm's rod. You'll definitely know for sure that the Hummer idler arm has to be fixed if your auto rolls to the ride or left when the car drives over a bump. Bad steering and front-end shake might be caused by a faulty idler arm. For your safety, you'll have to remove and replace this steering part of your Hummer when fixing a torn pitman arm for excellent steering and control.

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