The idler arm of your Dodge partners with the pitman arm when it comes to attaching the steering box to the steering links to make sure that the wheels will properly turn when you drive the vehicle. When you notice delayed steering outcome and loss of control over your automobile, you would need to change the Dodge idler arm. Check the steering linkage of your car and confirm if the hardware bits are worn or if the arm needs to be greased up.

The idler arm of your Dodge is more prone to break compared to the pitman arm and other steering links, considering the the rotation from its rod. A busted Dodge idler arm would make your automobile turn too much to the left or right if you encounter a hump. A ruined idler arm can bring about front-end shimmies and poor steering response. When fixing a busted pitman arm, it's encouraged that you replace this steering component as well, so you'll be assured of improved control and steering.

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