The idler arm of your Chevrolet is in tandem with the pitman arm for attaching the steering box to the center link and hub assemblies, making sure that the wheels can instantly move once you steer the auto. With a torn Chevrolet idler arm, it is more challenging to maneuver the motor vehicle, leading to inefficient handling. Remember to take a good look at the bushings or the steering links to spot any form of deterioration.

The idler arm of your Chevrolet is more prone to wear out compared to the pitman arm and/or many other steering parts due to the pivot from the arm's rod. A broken Chevrolet idler arm will make your vehicle lurch too much to the right or left if you come across a bump. A ruined idler arm will lead to front-end quivers and terrible steering response. If replacing a damaged pitman arm, it's encouraged that you remove and replace this steering component as well, so you'll be assured of improved steering and control.

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