The idler arm of your Cadillac works together with the pitman arm when it comes to linking the steering box to the center link and hub assemblies, ensuring that the wheels can easily turn when you maneuver the vehicle. When you go through terrible steering outcome and minimized control over your vehicle, you may have to repair the Cadillac idler arm. Examine the steering linkage of your motor vehicle and see if the bearings are broken or if the arm needs to be lubed up.

The idler arm of your Cadillac is more prone to break in comparison to the pitman arm and/or other steering connections because of the pivotal action from its rod. You'll confirm that the Cadillac idler arm ought to be replaced if your ride lurches to the left or right when it passes over a hump. A damaged idler arm could lead to front-end quivers and hard steering response. In case you're fixing a broken pitman arm, it's recommended that you remove and replace this steering part as well to ensure superb handling.

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