Car Idler Arms

Aside from speed, one thing every driver considers when talking about cars is horsepower. But then again, all the horsepower in the world won't amount to a penny if you can't control your ride. This means your ride needs high-quality steering components to get the job done. And when it comes to steering parts, there's no way you can go on safely without the idler arm, the component that lets you uniformly turn your ride's drive wheels to a certain direction.

This steering component is usually found underneath the front end of the vehicle where the drive wheels are. It features a rod that pivots on a bracket, which is connected to the vehicle's frame on one end and supports a ball joint at the other. Attached to the opposite end of the center link connected to the Pitman arm, the idler arm basically acts as the Pitman arm's twin, copying the latter's slightest movements. This way, when you move the steering wheel and turn the steering shaft, both the idler and Pitman arms work together to effectively steer your auto wheels at the same degrees.

With such function, the car idler arm may indeed be considered as the linchpin of steering efficiency and stability of a vehicle's wheels. Remove it from your ride's steering system and there's no way you'll be able to make even a single decent turn on the road. Unfortunately, the idler unit is just like any other component in your car-it's not totally invincible to wear and tear. Because of an idler arm's pivot function and exposure to various damaging elements on the road such as rainwater and road tar, it could eventually corrode and loosen at the joints over time.

To stall such wearing, you can lubricate the idler arm's joints and check them for any kind of damage every now and then. But then again, age and overuse will eventually catch up on this auto part. When that happens, you should call your repair guy to fix the problem. If the entire component is really beyond repair, then it's time for you to get a replacement. When looking for a new idler unit, it would be best to choose from idler arms that are crafted from heavy-duty steel with a hardness rating that's enough to support your vehicle's weight. The idler's boot and bearing should also be designed and sealed such that dirt and moisture won't easily penetrate them.

Before you get a new idler arm, though, be sure that it's manufactured by a company that you can trust. It's also a must that you check the specifications of your vehicle first and see to it that the replacement unit matches them. If you don't want to waste too much time checking for these things, then stick with Parts Train. Our affordable steering components are made by trustworthy manufacturers and backed by warranties. Plus, shopping here is so easy it'll take you only a few seconds to find the part that matches your ride like a glove.