Many times we have to set our vehicle in idle and the engine has to do this effectively, with the assistance of the idle control valve. Since it is the only task of this auto part, it is possible to suspect a malfunctioning Suzuki idle control valve if the engine starts idling roughly or the idle speed becomes very low.

For the said valve to function properly, the engine computer should be able to provide it with the information it calls for to to make it better in managing the airflow to the engine from your throttle body and maintaining a constant rpm. There may be many reasons for idle control valve failure and among them piling up of dirt and carbon which could lead the valve to stick and fail to carry out its work well. It is important to keep your idle control valve spotless always to accomplish long service life as well as to prevent your engine from roughly running. One method to find out if the factory-installed idle control valve in your ride is malfunctioning is through visual inspection; when it is thoroughly clean yet gets to be inconsistent in its functions, check its state using a voltmeter and in case it fails, obtain a replacement unit immediately.

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