Sometimes, when we do run some errands like purchasing some merchandise from the grocery store, we usually put our vehicle in idle; what helps your ride to idle perfectly is the idle control valve. Once the engine experiences rough idling and you notice that the idle speed is unusually low, it's probable that your Mercedes Benz idle control valve is beginning to act up.

To correctly manage the flow of air from the throttle body into the engine and also to be sure that consistent rpm is attained, the engine computer must properly provide the idle control valve with the data it requires. There are a lot of reasons for idle control valve problems and some are are carbon and dirt build-up which may trigger the valve to stick firmly and fail to carry out its task efficiently. It is important that you keep the idle control valve clean at all times to realize long life and to stop your engine from operating rough. A good way to determine if the original idle control valve in your vehicle is damaged is through visual inspection; if it's thoroughly clean but becomes irregular in its functions, find out its problem utilizing a voltmeter and when it falls flat, obtain a replacement without delay.

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