Sometimes, when we have to run some errands just like getting some merchandise from the grocery, we typically go out of our ride, leaving it idling; the component that assists it idle perfectly is definitely the idle control valve. If the engine suffers from rough idle and you discover that the idle speed is too low, it's possible that your Gmc idle control valve is starting to act up.

For the said valve to function properly, the ECM must be able to provide it with the data it calls for to to make it better in managing the airflow to the engine coming from the throttle body and sustaining a constant rpm. Piling-up of dirt could be among the reasons for the breakdown of the said valve, causing it to stick and therefore lead to bad idle performance as well as stalling. It's a consolation that a dirty idle control valve does not indicate replacement - cleaning it properly would go some distance when it comes to extending the lifespan of such vehicle component. You can do a visual inspection to ascertain if this particular valve is merely dirty or is actually faulty; when it has worked irregularly yet you thought it was tidy, that means it already requires replacement.

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