There are times when we need to leave our ride in idle and the engine has to do this effectively, with the help of the idle control valve. Because it is the sole function of this auto part, it is possible to suspect a defective Eagle idle control valve once the engine idles roughly or the idle speed seems really low.

To correctly handle the airflow from your throttle body into the engine as well as to make sure constant rpm is attained, the engine management computer has to properly provide the idle control valve with the data it requires. Piling-up of dirt can be one of the contributors to the malfunctioning of such valve, causing it to firmly stick and therefore cause very poor idle performance and stalling. It's a good thing that a dirty idle control valve does not really mean purchasing a replacement - maintaining its cleanliness will go a long way when it comes to extending the lifespan of the said vehicle component. You could perform a visual examination to see if such valve is merely dirty or is actually flawed; when it has been working erratically yet it is truly neat, it means it already necessitates replacement.

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