There are times when we should instead set our vehicle in idle and the engine needs to do it efficiently, with the aid of the idle control valve. As it is the only purpose of this component, it is possible to suspect a faulty Bmw idle control valve if the engine begins to idle roughly or the idle speed seems extremely low.

For the said valve to function properly, the ECM must be able to provide it with the data it calls for to be capable of handling the flow of air into the engine from your throttle body and keeping a constant rpm. There can be many reasons for idle control valve malfunction and included there carbon and dirt pile-up which can trigger the valve to firmly stick and fail to execute its work well. It is good that a mucky idle control valve does not necessarily mean purchasing a replacement - maintaining its cleanliness goes a long way in terms of extending the lifespan of this vehicle part. You could do a visual examination to check if this valve is just dirty or is really flawed; if this has been working erratically but you thought it was tidy, this means it by now needs replacement.

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