Sometimes, if we need to rush some tasks such as buying some things from the grocery, we typically head out of our ride, leaving it idling; what allows your ride to idle more efficiently is definitely the idle control valve. When the engine encounter rough idle and also you notice that the idle speed is too low, it's most likely that your Acura idle control valve is starting to act up.

For the said valve to function properly, the engine computer has to be capable of providing it with the feedback it calls for to be capable of controlling the airflow to the engine from your throttle body and maintaining a constant rpm. Accumulation of dirt can be one of the reasons for the breakdown of such valve, making it stick and thus lead to bad idle performance and stalling. It is important to keep your idle control valve thoroughly clean always to realize long life and to prevent your engine from running rough. You can perform a visual examination to see if this valve is just dirty or is definitely faulty; if this has worked irregularly yet it is truly tidy, it means it already requires replacement.

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