One of the front panels in your vehicle is the hood. It is an opening body panel located in the front end of your car, under the windshield. It is actually considered a door because it has an outer and inner panel. These hoods are used to cover the important auto parts like engine, radiators and others that are situated in the front end. Because they are protective panels they are made tough, durable and because of its size, a bit heavy. Lifting this part and keeping it up once opened would not be possible without the hood lift. The Ford Hood Lift helps you lift and open your hood. The hood lift is like little shocks that hold the hood open for you. The hood lift is like a piston/strut assembly that becomes uncompressed when the hood is lifted. This makes the part extremely important especially when you want to do an emergency roadside repair. One definite sign of a failing hood lift is its incapacity to hold the hood up and open for you. And this is quite dangerous, because it might suddenly drop on you while you are busy working on any part inside the compartment. Hood lifts should be made strong and durable so it can give you the secure and necessary support of the hood. The Ford Hood Lift does not need much maintenance but it does wear out with time especially because the hood lift is one of those parts that are used often. The hood is often accessed by owners and mechanics alike so they can check the parts inside the front end compartment. Once you notice that it's not holding the hood up and open then you should immediately get a replacement. Our online catalog will show you several hood lifts that you can choose from.