Car Hood Lifts

Replacing your stock hood prop rod with tough constructions of hood lift could re-establish the safety and convenience features of your car's hood access. By eliminating the hassles of rod support, hood lift applications are designed to feature more dependable structural support to the weight across your car's hood panel. Also, its great functionality could help secure the panel in position with absolutely no fail. When accessing your vehicle's engine for routine maintenance, the part's hydraulic properties could actually lessen the amount of force required to raise the panel. By eliminating all known hassles of plain prop rod use, having your ride equipped with premium hood lift will be a wise investment. By incorporating the features similar to the technology used among tailgate shocks, heavy duty hood lift functions similarly to other shocks employed by your vehicle. Via hydraulic mechanisms of pressure build-up and release inside its gas spring construction, the part manages to securely take hold of the hood panel in position so it will not hit your head as you crawl under the hood to do routine engine tune-up and adjustments. So you complete your scheduled car servicing and upgrade projects with ease, the product is designed to be mounted at strategic points so you can freely access the portion of your engine which requires immediate attention for timely repairs, adjustments, or part replacement. With the manufacturer's careful attention to product design and manufacture, high grade hood lift constructions are guaranteed to perform and meet expectations. When you decide to give up your stock props for practical hood lift applications, make sure that your selected lift support constructions precisely meet the application specifications of your vehicle, Because the strength and weight support capacity of its gas spring construction is custom tailored for specific range of hood panel weight and fitment, sticking to the manufacturer's application and installation specifications ensures great upgrade project results. Seamlessly integrating hood lift applications to your well crafted vehicle establishes a less frustrating and effortless hood access feature for your vehicle. So visit our online catalog to consult our vehicle fitment listings for hood lift applications perfect for your hood lift replacement or upgrade project needs.