Popping open your Volkswagen hood demands a lot more than merely tugging on the release mechanism which is installed on the dashboard; it also requires a good hood latch.The Volkswagen hood latch is a device attached to the release handle by means of a cable; moving the mentioned component operates the latch, which in turn enables effortless hood opening.

Problem on the hood latch is not a usual occurrence, but it could lead to issues as soon as it does happen - starting from the common trouble prompted by the inability to gain accessibility to your Volkswagen hood to a severe circumstance that can lead to accidents.The usual trouble that broken hood latches cause is the failure to gain access to the hood when you operate the hood handle - this could cause a lot of inconvenience any time you find the need to pop open the hood to check or repair a specific component and the part would not budge.On the other hand, you may likewise come across a problem that has to do with the inability of your car hood to be locked if the hood latch in your Volkswagen is broken.The trouble in a situation such as this is the fact that a loosely open hood might fly up, obstructing your visibility while you drive and probably causing a serious road crash.

According to the degree of the Volkswagen hood latch problem, the alternative may be as easy as simple lube application or as demanding as replacing the device; should it be the next, you could find the correct part in this page.Having trusted companies delivering each of the products that we offer - Crown, Bestop, and Spectre, to name a few - you are guaranteed that we supply only high-quality parts.