Opening your Mercury hood takes more than just merely pulling on the hood release which is installed on the dashboard; it also requires a reliable hood latch.You'll locate the Mercury hood latch located at the opposite end of the cable which attaches to the release handle - it is this part that allows direct hood opening each time you activate the handle.

Although the hood latch in your Mercury may rarely experience issues, the occurrence of one can be critical because it could cause not just annoyance but as well as possible injuries.The typical issue that broken hood latches bring about is the failure to open the bonnet when you pull on the hood handle - this can result in serious inconvenience when you find the need to open up the hood to check or repair a particular part and the latch wouldn't budge.The other issue is the inability of the hood latch in your Mercury to catch, which could enable the hood to remain open as you use your car.Using your car with the hood loosely open is risky - the said part can back up anytime and obstruct the wind shield, and this can lead to road mishaps in case you are traveling really fast.

Determined by the extent of the Mercury hood latch damage, the solution could be as straightforward as simple oiling or as arduous as the changing of the part; if it is the second, you will get the correct item here.With the dependable producers delivering all the parts that we market - Replacement, Bestop, and Mr Gasket, among others - you are guaranteed that we provide only high-quality parts.