The hood is the sheet of metal located in the front of your car which is designed as both a door to access the engine compartment and a cover to protect it. It also has bracings on the underside that absorbs the noise made by the engine as it continuously runs. The hoods make it easy for you to inspect, maintain and repair any problem within the engine bay. There are small components that help the hood function both as a door and cover like the hood strut, hood hinge and hood latch. Each part has a specific and important function to make the hood stay attached to the hood and do its task as an access and a cover.

While the hood hinge attaches the hood to the car itself, the hood latch ensures that your hood stays close whenever it is shut. The hood latch is the catch or fastener that holds the hood close leaving your engine and other components safe and making sure that no parts gets stolen. This also makes sure that your view on your windshield is unobstructed with anything, especially not a hood that has become unglued or ajar for that matter. If your hood latch malfunctions while you are driving and it becomes undone, it will create a very big problem for you because the big bulk of the hood will cover your view making it difficult to drive, worse it can be even dangerous.

There are two kinds of hood latches and they are manual and electric. And for both electric and manual, there are still several designs or kinds of hood latches, depending on the year make and model of your car. The manual hood latches needs top be engaged and disengaged right from the hood itself. The other hood latches make use of a hood release cable to lock and unlock the hood. The electric hood latches makes use of buttons to lock and unlock the hood. The buttons are located inside the vehicle with a secret emergency release cable that may be used if the main button malfunctions.

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