The Honda Civic was first launched in 1972 and over 35 years it has come up with numerous body styles and designs. It first launched a 2-door then 4 months after that came out with a 3-door hatchback then a 4-door sedan until it came out with the 5-door station wagon. With each new model, something new was always included in the innovation. But the quality of each Honda Civic part has not diminished. Rather, it has continuously improved the premium quality it has always maintained. With The Honda Civic, not only are the large car parts important but also the smaller parts.

Such small parts include the hood latch which while it is smaller than a hand, has a function that is very important. The hood latch is the catch or fastener that ensures that the hood is locked down when it is supposed to be closed. There are different kinds of hood latches and each make and model may be equipped with a different hood latch. There are manual as well as electric latches that vary in its mechanism. There are manual latches used a hood release cable to lock and unlock the hood which can be controlled by a handle. There are those that have to be engaged and disengaged right from the hood. The electric latches are controlled by buttons which are installed inside the car.

Whether the latch is manual or electric, it is still important to keep it in good condition. The function of the hood latch is to ensure that the hood stays locked. If you cannot properly lock your car, then those parts that are being covered and protected by the hood can be damaged or stolen. So no matter how small the part is it is very important to ensure that it is functioning properly.

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