Popping open your Buick hood takes not only simply yanking on the hood release handle that's attached on your dash; it also requires a reliable hood latch.You are going to come across the Buick hood latch situated at the other end of the wire which connects to the release mechanism - it's the latch which opens the hood when you activate the release handle.

Problem on the hood latch isn't a usual incident, but it could lead to issues if it does occur - ranging from the usual trouble caused by the inability to gain accessibility to your Buick hood to a severe condition that could lead to accidents.The typical problem that defective hood latches cause is the inability to gain access to the bonnet whenever you pull on the release mechanism - this might bring a lot of trouble once you find the need to open up the hood to work on a certain item and the part wouldn't shift.Alternatively, you can even come across a problem that has to do with the inability of the vehicle bonnet to close if the hood latch in your Buick is damaged.The problem here is the fact that an open hood could fly open in the direction of the windshield, hindering your visibility while you drive and perhaps resulting in a severe highway collision.

Handling a Buick hood latch problem can demand that you merely lubricate the mentioned component, or that you replace it if it's beyond repair - an aftermarket item is easy to locate at Parts Train.We offer high-quality parts from Mr Gasket, Dorman, Crown, and other manufacturers, every part accessible at fair prices.