Popping open your Audi hood takes more than just merely yanking on the hood release handle that's installed on the dash board; it also requires a good hood latch.You're going to find the Audi hood latch situated at the other end of the wire which attaches to the release mechanism - it is this part which opens the hood when you tug on the release handle.

Wear and tear on the hood latch isn't a typical incident, but it could result in issues as soon as it does take place - ranging from the common inconvenience caused by the inability to get access to your Audi hood to a serious circumstance that may cause accidents.The inability to pop open the bonnet - this is the basic type of problem that many car owners experience each time hood latches fail, and this often makes under-the-hood tasks and engine bay inspection difficult.Meanwhile, you may also encounter the failure of the vehicle bonnet to shut down when the hood latch in your Audi is broken.Driving with the bonnet loosely open is dangerous - the bonnet can back up anytime and block the windscreen, and this could result in accidents in case you're traveling fast.

Dealing with a Audi hood latch problem may demand that you just oil it, or that you replace it if it's more serious to be tackled by repair - a replacement is readily accessible in our site.Having dependable companies providing each of the items that we have in stock - Daystar, All Sales, and Mr Gasket, among others - you know that we provide only high-quality parts.