The Honda Civic has been in business for the past 35 years since it was launched in 1972. It is considered to be the second-longest running vehicle model. Over the span of years, it has been coming out with different body styles and models each with innovations. Honda Civic represents value for money, comfort and reliability. Despite the small dimensions, it has a good interior space and it is luxurious as well as economical. The top-notch quality of the Honda Civic is seen in each of its car part whether it is an exterior part or a part that is not seen by people, large or small part it may be.

The hood hinge is one very small piece that has a very important function. Most often we only consider the look and ensure the best hood for our car. But, no matter how nice the hood is if the hood hinge is not reliable then you might also lose your hood or your car for that matter. And losing a hood while you are driving is not a very good idea. The hood hinge is the part that connects the hood to the car and allows the hood to open and close. It is also responsible in allowing the hood to be kept up when you are trying to repair an engine or mechanical problem. Remember that the engine is covered and protected by the hood. Ensuring that the engine is kept running in good condition mean continually checking up on it. If the hood could not be open and close, then maintenance of the engine will be very hard. The hood hinge then not only helps the connection of the hood to the vehicle but also on the upkeep of the car itself.

Thus, it is very important that we keep the hood hinges in good running condition. The hood hinges that are not properly installed can cause hoods to fly while you are driving. It is important to check the problem with your mechanic. Sometimes, small problems like hinges being loosely bolted or misaligned hinges gear teeth can be remedied by adjusting the bolts or by lubricating the moving parts of the hinge. But for major damages and corrosion of the hood hinges, it would be imperative that you replace the stock hood hinge.

We have a huge selection of Honda Civic hood hinges here at Part Train which are of premium quality. It is made with the same precision that originals are manufactured of because we know that your Honda Civic deserves no less than that. Our Honda Civic hood hinges are high performance quality ensuring that it can hold your hood up whenever you need to.