Among the different chunks of metal building the parts and body of your auto, each of which has its own purpose to achieve, there are parts that we seem to disregard or ignore. Some are a bit too small to be noticed, others take it as part of a unit and forget that it could get damaged and be replaced as a single piece, and some are hidden so it's usually ignored. The part that you often see at first glance on cars is its front. Just like in a human face that you first look at, your Honda Accord's character is usually judged from its fascia's features.

What makes most of your Honda Accord's front? What else but your car's hood of course, dominating the entire front view. Its length is painted to match the whole look of the automotive and the hood is considered an extra car door since it acts as access to the different significant engine parts underneath it. But, just like the door of your vehicle, this hood has Honda Accord hood hinge on one part of it so opening and closing it would be easy. Imagine having to open your car's hood without its hinges where you have to lift the entire hood up and place it on the floor. Now that's just overly awkward. So, the less noticed little hinge ends up being one particular part from your car's hood that should be well taken care of.

Most of the time, all the maintenance that your Honda Accord hood hinge needs is a little greasing to keep it working smoothly when you need to do something on the engine parts under your car's hood. Its malfunction would easily show by becoming stuck, preventing you from moving the hood, whether you want to open it or close it, it just wouldn't move, or you hear squeaking whenever you do. Forcing it would eventually create cracks or damage it and that would leave you into getting a new Honda Accord hood hinge.

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